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I bought a variety of the small tin Hipponotic candles last year for gifts and some extra stash. I love the name Hipponotic, the amazing logo design, and the ethics behind the products makes me feel good [rather than buying one made by slaves in a Chinese sweatshop] about myself. And, every person I gifted a candle and/or button to has raved about the scent and quality of their candle. "Hand made with love" is an important and special quality on its own; easy and affordable to vote with my dollar with this local eco-conscious artisan around. Awesome products! -Kbeat

Hipponotic makes scents to me. I really enjoy the selection of scents. No matter what my mood there is something to help me relax and let my thoughts drift. Everything is made with high quality and guilt free ingredients....the candles even seem to burn forever! You just can't go wrong when it comes to Hipponotic products....either for yourself or as a gift. -Mauzdeadalive

Amazing candles, they last forever and really fill the room with such amazing
We have tried Cabin Fever- my husbands favorite, very rich and earthy, with
bright sharp green notes.
Pumpkin Head- the ultimate gourmand scent, sweet spices, vanilla, and I swear
a hint of graham cracker, yum!
Now thats it's summer I just need to take the lid off and it fills our guest
room with out having to light it.
White Witch- My favorite, sweet, light and fresh with mellow tea notes to
ground it, so good, I could roll in it!  -Feathersfowler

I love the "clock work orange" scent! Smells so good. -sassystacie3

 Hipponotic candles were made for our wedding and they were a HUGE hit! People are stll asking about them. They are all-natural, smell amazing and hand-crafted. Doesn't get better than that!

These candles are SCENTALICIOUS!!!

–Granny Smith,
Company of Wolves