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Hipponotic Candles

Hand-poured with only the finest natural ingredients. Made with vegan soybean wax & hemp oil they burn clean, with almost no residue -- unlike paraffin candles, which release toxic and sooty petro-carbons. We also use 100% pure essential oil scents, as opposed to the artificial chemicals used in mass production candles. No fillers, preservatives, or artificial fragrance.  Altogether, you can enjoy the "Hip-o-notic" experience while not having to worry about harming the environment. With a variety of unique blends to choose from, our candle selection and array of natural scents changes with the seasons. Our wax is slow burning due to its natural material. Fragrance throw may vary. Hand poured, Made in CT, cruelty free never testing on animals.

Hipponotic Incense

Love a particular candle scent like White Witch, but need to fill the room quick? Try Hipponotic's Incense line. Our incense is made from aromatic biotic plant material which releases a relaxing smoky atmosphere when burned. Our Incense is used for a variety of different ways, including the ceremonial practices for many religions, to overcome unpleasant smells, safely repel biting insects, spirituality, aromatherpy, meditation combined with Gnaural or simply to enjoy our original blended scents. The incense comes in Jumbo stick packs of 5 and small stick packs of 10.

Hipponotic Merch

From buttons to Tee-shirts, we do it all. Clothing sizes from XS-3XL. Here at Hipponotic we believe in values of justice, equity and compassion. We are aware of our interdependence between plants, animals and us humans. This year we have decided to donate 5% of our proceeds to the Turgwe Hippo Trust. Helping raise money and awareness for Hippos is a cause we would like to be a part of. Donating to the Trust will help  the conservation and protection of  hippos and other animals in danger.

Hipponotic since Forever

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